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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  January 3, 2011 12:30am-1:30am PDT

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. he said they only learned about the commutation from reporters. >> governor schwarzenegger also reduced the sentence of a woman who at 16 shot and killed her pimp. the case of sara kruzan is closely watched by those who
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oppose life without parole sentences for juveniles who commit crimes. kruzan was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the the 1994 slaying of george howard in southern california. the governor called the sentence "excessive," and reduced to 25 years to life with the possibility of parole. kruzan's attorney says howard sexually assaulted kruzan and forced her into prostitution. her attorney says she suffered from battered woman's syndrome. >> sara is grateful to the governor for acknowledging because of her age and the circumstances of her crime and the fact she was abused, that she deserves a second chance. >> prosecutors had argued in the case that kruz was no longer working for howard when she killed him. kruzan's case was the centerpiece of a failed bill calling for the reduction of life sentence for minors. that bill was authored by say the senate yee of san francisco. history will be head tomorrow when the first asian-
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american woman will be sworn-in as mayor of a major american city. jean quan has a long political career in oakland, but she will no doubt see her biggest challenge as she tries to lead a city facing problems that vexed her predecessors. ktvu's christien kafton reports. >> reporter: mayor-elect jen quan enjoyed a celebration of the after two decades of public service, first on the school board and eight years as city councilwoman she will be sworn- in tomorrow. quan has appeared at events around town since winning office. homicides and crime in general are among the top questions the that the people of oakland have for their new mayor. >> what i want to know from the new mayor? clean up the crime on the streets. >> you know? there is so much killing and
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maybe she can do something. >> murders are a hard issue to deal with, because a lot of young men involved in murder are a lot of young men who don't have hope and to give them hope you have to do long- term and short-term things. >> reporter: the key quan says is education and job-training, which brings up the other major issue, economic development. >> i want to know what is going on with the job rate here in oakland? >> we're really going to focus on job-training, particularly for young people, for people come back from prison, for people who have been laid-off and need to retrain themselves. >> reporter: mayor-elect quan's inauguration is set for 11:00 at the fox theater in downtown oakland, just a few blocks away from city hall. we had a chance to talk to quite a few people in oakland and the common theme we heard from people on the streets today is that they have hope for the future of their city. in oakland, christien kafton.
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>> jerry brown's swearingin ceremony is set for tomorrow in sacramento. he was coverage's governor for two terms during the 1970s and essential '80s. back then he was one of the california's youngest governors, but tomorrow he will be the state's oldest. governor schwarzenegger says he will likely hit the speech circuit and possibly write an autobiography. he says he plans to remain politically active. if you want to watch the inauguration, ktvu plans to stream it plain on our website, you can find a history of brown's last stint as governor under the "right now" section. the attorney general's
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ceremony is set for:15 at california museum in oakland. she is the first woman to be elected as the state's attorney general. lieutenant governor-elect gavin newsom is waiting for his inauguration. outgoing mayor of san francisco aannounced king king a celebration. a spokesperson on friday said the anywhere delayed his inauguration to finish a few projects. downed trees, wet roads and flight delays. it's becoming a common problem in the bay area as yet another storm rolled through today. ktvu's alli rasmus reports. >> reporter: the first weekend of 2011 greeted the bay area with damp and dreary weather. in the air and on the roads, it caused problems for travelers. because of the rain and strong winds, planes at sfo had to change the direction they usually take off and land. >> we end up having to do the reverse of what we normally do.
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>> and what that happens we can't handle as many airplanes. >> reporter: the result was inconvenience for airline travelers. many fox-pitt . the formjy weather created obstacles for drivers in parts of north bay. in marin county k-the tree spanned the width of sir francis brake boulevard and created a natural overpass for vehicles to drive under. it was a tight squeeze for this tour bass, but it passed through withust a few inches of clearance. in martinez a 40 if-foot tree fell over the john muir house, blocking part of the road. earlier this morning in oakland, part of 580 near 106th avenue was blocked off because of a fatal accident the chp
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officers say the driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the center divide. he died at the scene of the accident of the accident. >> da to the rain, the roadways were slick and also poor visibility. we urge people when the weather is like this to slow down. >> reporter: along with exercising caution, anyone who plans on flying out of sfo today or tomorrow should check their flight status before they come to the airport. in san francisco, alli rasmus, ktvu, channel 2 news. is the rain spight still on? i'm meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center. >> we have turned the facet in the off direction. as far as the rainfall totals from today, santa rosa, nearly .25", san francisco .68" and morgan hill, .72 and we're picking up significant rainfall late this afternoon and into the evening hours. right now on live stormtracker 29 bulk of rainshowers heading to our south, towards southern
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california and san luis obispo and santa barbara. right now i can show you a bit closer inspection and not a lot out there. maybe a few sprinkles in the south bay. showers activity will continue to be on the decrease tonight and into tomorrow. that will set the stage for a for your monday. coming up i will let you know if we have rain clouds in the five-day forecast and the one direction temperatures will be heading over the next few days. the chp says it should be smooth going for those heading down from the sierra. at this hour, no chains are arequired along interstate 80 the grapevine area of i-5 remains closed in both direction as gusty wines snow make driving conditions too dangerous. video was shot on a stretch of i-5 that remained open. chp reported numerous stranded
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vehicles and mike holmgren accidents along i-5 north of los angeles. the highway patrol closed the highway at about 1:00 this afternoon after vehicles began sliding. drivers are being detoured through lancaster and mojave. the national weather service issued i winter storm warning through late tomorrow more area mountains. for the latest conditions go to president obama signed into law a benefits package those who lived or worked near ground- zero in new york city and became ill from their exposure. the assistance is good news for responders from the bay area who say their health hasn't been the same since. ktvu's debora villalon live in menlo park. >> reporter: they led people to ground-zero for search-and-
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rescue. what they didn't know is that 50 of them would end up sick. first frank fraone coughed for eight months and from then on takes a barrage of respiratory medications from breathing the toxic dust of ground-zero. >> i didn't wear a mask until several days into it. >> reporter: fraone is among 16,000 emergency responders sick enough to need treatment. another 40,000 responders could worsen and neat future care. on vacation in hawai'i, president obama noted physical scars persist amok those who showed selfless courage as he signed the bill for health needs and victim compensation. >> your health is a gift and when you loz it, you know, then what do you have from there? >> reporter: menlo park's chief wonders why it took years and 23 hearings to secure the funds. >> it's a lot of money. are there other people who have needs? sure there, but these are people who gave of themselves
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and gave of their time. >> reporter: and gave of their health. >> the hacking that went on for months and months and nose bleeds that came on for no reason, skin rashes. >> reporter: in congress, frank fraone's name came up as an example of how responders need help with what insurance won't cover. >> we'll get on answering machines and get the run around. we don't have case workers and places to see doctors. >> reporter: in spite of everything, fraone says he has no regrets about going to ground-zero and serving. now the compensation package is to be funded with a fee imposed on foreign companies with government procurement contracts. reporting live in menlo park, debora villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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getting safer? what statistics show about violent crime in the bay area's major cities during
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. new crime statistics are in and several bay area cities are reporting a drop in homicides last year. and the crime reduction is significant in some cases, including in the bay area's largest city, ktvu's diane guerazzi reports. >> reporter: san josi has grown
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by 10,000 people with 100 fewer police officers than a decade ago. yet homicides have dropped to their lowest level since the year 2000. we're one of the safety big cities because of the greatest work of our police department and community working together. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed says it's not just san josi. homicides are declining in many cities. the richmond rate, down 15% and san francisco showed little change, but a 50% drop the year before. salinas and la, saw major reductions. >> we're proud of the san josi model and we have to keep at it. we can never turn our back on the gangs because they will come back in a short period of time. >> reporter: under the san josi time, police, parks and recreation and community organizations work together to intervene in gangs, but that didn't stop a killing early saturday morning, just one hour
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into the new year. >> unapersona -- . >> reporter: she says a man wearing a ski mask walked up to her son, 15-year-old oscar gonzalez and shot him three times. lincoln high school student was standing in front of his house, celebrating the new year with relatives. he died on the front porch, where a shrine now stands. she says she is worried for her children until the killer is caught and mayor reed says solving homicides is key to keeping the rate down. >> we got started in the new year with a gang-related homicide. we'll have our people working that to prevent retaliation and arrest of the perpetrators and take care of those matters as we have in the past, but it's not a good start to the new year. >> reporter: last year they eliminated the violent crimes enforcement team, but the mayor says the officers who have been absorbed back into the patrol division are making it a top priority to get gangsters off the streets and keep the homicide rate down. in san josi, diyawn guerazzi,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. a man and woman were found dead this afternoon inside a home in saratoga. deputies arrived in the home of the 1,000 block of walbrook drive. the santa clara county's sheriff's office has not released the name of the victims or how they died. the san francisco medical examiner's office has identified the victim of the city's first homicide of the year. police say 20-year-old larry lacy was shot several times yesterday while sitting on the sidewalk at the corner of turk and taylor streets. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened prior to the shooting. so far no arrests have been made and police have no motive or suspects. a minor earthquake hit this afternoon near eureka. the is the 3.9 quake struck this afternoon located 39 miles southwest of eureka. there were no reports of injuries or damage.
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almost a year ago a 6.5 earthquake hit humboldt county, causing more than $12 million in damage to eureka. and in chile, a 7.1 earthquake shook the southern part of the country. there were no reports of death or damages. but nerves were certainly fraid as tens of thousands ran from the coast for higher ground, faring that the quake could trigger a tsunami. hot mail users are complaining this weekend about hundreds of lost or delete email messages. microsoft, which runs the email service is not commenting on what is causing the problem or how widespread it is, but hundreds of complaints have been posted by hot mail users on windows live help forums. the company says it's working to resolve the issue. hot mail is the world's most used web-based email service with about 360 million
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registered accounts. apple iphone users counting on the phone's alarm to wake them up or notifying them about appointments are having a problem due to a software glitch. this is not the first time apple had issues with the alarm clock. in new york there was a problem related to daylight savings time. apple says it expects to have the issue fixed by tomorrow. congress gets back to work wednesday and at the top of the republican agenda is the repeal of healthcare reform. >> watch what happens. it's part of our pledge, we said we would bring up a vote to repeal healthcare early. that will happen before the president's state of the union address. >> i think you are going to see the fight on obamacare across the board and in the senate and house to defund the obamacare bill and start over. >> the obama administration promises a fight and says healthcare reform is popular with americans, such as the now
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effective requirement that insurance companies accept children with preexisting conditions. republicans claim that they have so many votes to overturn it that they can override a veto by president obama. california representative darrell issa recently told rush limbaugh he thought the president was, "one of the most corrupt presidents in times." but today he meant to say "the obama administration and not the president."? saying this is one of the most corrupt administrations, which is what i wanted to say there, when you hand out trillion dollars in tarp and trillion in stimulus that this president asked for, plus this huge expansion in healthcare and government, it has a corrupting effect. >> issa, who is the incoming republican house oversight and government reform is chairman also admitted congress shares some of the blame for what he
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calls "wasteful spend." . there are new calls for permanent bases in afghanistan. republican senate lindsey graham says he believes such bases would ensuring afghanistan never falls back into the hands of terrorists. in 2005 the department of defense began studying the possibility of setting up permanent bases in afghanistan. in neighboring pakistan, teenagers and young men who once fought with the taliban are now enrolled in a program. as domknick di-natale reports they hope to reintegrate the teens. >> reporter: the taliban took the modern education system before it was ousted in 2009. children like this who was still 8 still suffer nutria mayors. >> taliban blew up my school. i'm scared they might come
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back. >> he and his classmates escaped. 2,000 other children were orphaned by the offensive. now captured the military is trying to deradicallization them. we were given clusive access to the mountain facility holding the most severe cases. we weren't allowed to talk to them or reveal their identities. many of them were sexually and physically abused when they worked for the militants and in some cases few were groomed as future suicide bombers. religious education is central to nirreconditioning. while the taliban regions may be gone. >> either they will be able to radicalize the family or get radicalized again. >> reporter: pakistan resents
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its reputation as the world's nexus of terror, but the ubiquitous most-wanted pictures can't disguise here is where the extremists still hide. nor can you enirtirely drown out the attitudes of those who have supposedly been eradicallized by another military program. >> the reason we sided with the taliban because they told us it was the american army we would be fighting, but it turned out to be our own. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. may be secured, but the region is not table. heavy floods hatchered the government's rebuilding of roads and of course, schools. not knowing whom to trust, that leaves the isolated children even more vulnerable. dom knick di-natale, fox news. raunchy and outrageous and coming up, video from a navy carrier and what they contain
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that have some people outraged. the frigid weather that has one region reeling and just how low the temperatures are there. we still have a few
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. the navy said today it's launching an investigation after videos recently surfaced that show members of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier using gay slurs and making graphic sexual jokes and gestures of the the videos were published online by a newspaper in virginia tech. they were made with navy equipment in 2006-2007 on the u.s.s. enterprise, which was deployed in the middle east at time. the man who master minded and starred in the videos was then the executive officer of the ship and now is the ship's commanding officer. news of the world, in egypt
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tears and anger as worshippers returned to a church that was bombed on new year's eve. 21 people died in the attack. no one has claimed responsibility. but al-qaida affiliated organization in iraq has repeatedly threatened to attack eipt's coptic christians saying that the church was holding two women against their will to keep them from converting to islam. in australia, a river is covering an entire suburb. the water has risen steadily for a week and in a day the airport turned from this to a little more flooded area as you see there. officials estimate 200,000 people have been affected by the flood. one woman was swept to her death by the floodwaters yesterday. her death is the first confirmed death of crisis. in india, freezing temperatures are blamed for the deaths of at least eight people in the northern portion of the country. one himalayan town reported a temperature of minus 25 degrees. thousands of homeless people with struggling to cope with
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the freezing conditions and many have sought refuge in government shelters. a authorities have identified a man suspected of killing hi sheriff's deputy yesterday during a shootout at an ohio trailer park. the clark county sheriff's office says the support, 57- year-old michael ferryman died during the new year's day standoff. deputy hopper was shot and killed while investigating reports of gunfire. a second officer was shot during the standoff, but he is expected to survive. ohio investigators haven't determined if police gunfire killed ferryman or he killed himself. the highway patrol's maximum enforcement program ends in less than two hours and so far dui arrests are down this holiday weekend. according to the chp, officers statewide have arrested 873 people for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. that is down from 898 during the same period last year. here in the bay area, 124 drives were arrested for dui
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since friday, down from last year's 160, but bay area traffic deaths are up. there have been four, compared to none last year. statewide there have been 12 deaths. maximum enforcement program ends at midnight. . taking off, the new parks that are popping up, not just in the bay area, but across the country.
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. a new trend is reaching new heights across the country. trampoline parks are popping up, including here in the bay area, generating hours of play time and jobs claudia cowan
12:02 am
with the new business model. >> reporter: this is one of many across the country offering fun, fitness and jobs. across the country, trampline centers are inviting kids of all ages to defy gravity and play ball and welcome up a sweat. >> they have a great time and it's great exercise and they are exhausted after an hour. >> reporter: really fun i like it. >> reporter: more than 8,000 people have bounced through the sky zone since it opened in las vegas. from florida to arizona, california and beyond, customers aren't the only ones jumping for joy. >> i saw the ad on craigslist and i was, like, i love trampolines and this would be a cool job. >> reporter: tease indoor thrill parks are employing hundreds of people from designers and builders to the so-called flight staff that check people in and hand out special shoes and wrist bands and keep an eye on airheads.
12:03 am
>> wee supervise and make sure no one is hurt. >> reporter: opener plans to hire half a dozen people to keep up with demand. >> we're open a little over 80 hours a week. we have 35 for sure part-time staff members and we're looking for more. we have five or six full-time members and we're looking for more. >> reporter: dave is planning oopen a second house of air and a dozen more trampoline centers are set to open next year across the country, providing jobs and a bounce in the economy. in san francisco, claudia cow yan, fox news. people in san mateo county will be able to recycle their garbage under a new system that standards tomorrow a fleet of new waste trucks is set to hit streets. the automated trucks will pick up trash, recycling and green waste that includes foot stuff,
12:04 am
lawn trims and other compositable materials. ten cities will he get the new service from the recology company that handles waste in san francisco. the holidays may be over, but an oakland organization today continued its efforts to help feed those in need. the breaking bread organization prepared meals for dozens of the less fortunate dur a special event at the apartment c bar and grill on international boulevard. the group helps and feeds people in the community monthly, but today was its annual feed the hungry and homeless event. >> what we're giving back to the community and people less fortunate after the holidays and new year, a time when people are sad and really in need of a give back of love. >> i love it and they are good folks and it's great to feed the community. it's love. >> the breaking bread coercion usually offers meals to people on the first saturday of each month. arkansas wildlife officials are trying to figure out what killed thousands of birds that mysteriously fell from the sky
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yesterday. an estimated 5,000 dead blackbirds were found in yards on rooftops and roads. wildlife officials say their deaths could be weather-related because of tornadoes around the same time, about 150 miles away. or possibly stress-related, due to fireworks which were shot off for new year's eve. they also suspect hail or lightning in recent days could have injured the birds. it started at 7:00, picking up birds on the streets and in the yards that have been run over. it's just a mess. >> wildlife officials are set is perform tests tomorrow on some of the dead birds to try to determine just what killed them. also in arkansas, an estimated 100,000 dead fish wered to covered late friday night. the dead drug fish were found floating and lining the banks of the arkansas river near ozark. the arkansas game and fish commission says a disease is likely to blame, since only one species of fish died. investigators are conducting
12:06 am
tests to find out just what happened. actress zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital to have part of her leg amputated. her publicist says doctors decided she needed surgery. operation is taking playstation at ucla medical center. the 98-year-old absent restaurant has been in and out of the hospital since july after breaking her him. she even asked for a priest to read her last rites in august. no playoffs, but a first. the history the raiders made in their victory against the kansas city chiefs, but will their coach be back? >>
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. >> today's storm move rapidly out of town. if you have been want a break in the wet weather, i think you might look the forecast with a few day of warming temperatures across a good portion of the bay area. right now on the maps i can show you on live stormtracker, we have the significant rainfall, even the snowfall down towards central and southern california. still snow for the grapevine and heavier rain closer to santa barbara. back in the bay area, we can have a few leftover sprinkles and maybe a few light showers near the coast of santa cruz county. that trend will continue overnight bay area forecast forest tonight, mostly cloudy or for your monday, partly cloudy and the extended forecast features a dry pattern and temperatures warming up a
12:10 am
little bit, especially by thursday and also into friday. first thing tomorrow morning with overnight lows, pretty chilly, showing you another round of 30s for napa and sphoorn, 44. so partly cloudy skies and we could have patchy skies. an active weather day, especially for the southern half of the bay area. you can see how rapidly the system is moving to the south. it's being replaced by high pressure, a dry weather pattern. we'll have to watch out for patchy inland fog, especially towards the central valley, but temperatures by wednesday, thursday and friday, a little bit of a bump in the numbers. in fact, by friday, the warmest locations could be approaching the 60-degree mark. here is a look at our cloud forecast mount hood tonight, still showing you lingering clouds at 10:00. we'll put this into motion and you see scats you are clouds
12:11 am
across the region. into the afternoon hours we scale back on the coverage and we should have party to mostly sunny skies. that is all reflected in tomorrow's forecast, beginning tomorrow morning at 6:00. 35-45 freezing. a bit of a chill in the air. by 12:00, we should have partly cloudy skies,47-526789 by mid- afternoon, by 3:00 and 4:00, fair skies and maybe a few, high clouds occasionally drifting overhead, and temperatures mainly in the 50s. san josi tops out mid-50s awn half moon bay, 536789 here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, and the one big change here, no rain clouds, zero rain clouds on the five-day forecast. temperatures warm up a little bit, as you can see by wednesday, thursday and friday. maricopaeen and ken, the forecasted models hitting at a few showers by next week. between now and then, looking good. it seems like i'm always watching for the next storm to track, but for the next few
12:12 am
days, just fog. >> thank you, mark. coming up next is tom cable outs head coach of the raiders? we'll tell you who might put the coach on the hot seat. >> as the 49ers cloud out th
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12:14 am
. good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports watch. bay area pro-football season is over for another year, at least the onthe field portion, before the off-season moves get going. let's take a look at week 17. coaching hires will soon be made for the 49ers, but jim tomsula who won the honors against the cardinals, finishing out what mike
12:15 am
singletary started 16 weeks ago. maybe everybody was loose or maybe the cardinals aren't very good, but the 49ers playing one of their best games of the year. alex smith for the score, 7-0, san francisco after a quarter. 10-7 at the half and in the 3rd quarter did something that was missing most of the season. they got the ball to vernon davis in the open field. davis demonstrates the best tight end speed in the league. brian westbrook for a pair of touchdowns, 31-7 in the 3rd quarter. this time the 49ers had put it away. but just for a little emphasis, the defense added a score in the 4th quarter. picking off bart yell and it's returned. hard to say why we didn't see more of that. the 49ers complete the season with a sweep of the cardinals. hugs all around for tomsula, who goes into the record books with a 1,000 winning percentage
12:16 am
as the head coach. tomsula may be retakenned as an assistant, but either way, he is the type to deflect praise away from himself. >> they just played their hearts out and they finished, you if any? it was just football. when you see those guys with smiles on their face, that is pure football. just playing football and having fun. you know, and one football game is like an entire life. the ups, the downs, the turns, the curves, you know? you go through all of these things through a whole game, and the team has to do it together and stay together. so i would realliryust like to talk about what these guys accomplishmented today. >> are you still the head coach as we talk to you? >> well, i just finished. [ laughter ] there is a search. [ laughter ] >> an eventual off-season for the 49ers begins with the hiring of a general manager.
12:17 am
by all accounts trent baalke is the front runner. baalke met with team president jed york. a baalke-lar baton rouge pairing would be a dream, but there are plenty of cards to be played before a coaching decision is made. the raiders wrapped up their best season since 2002 and earned a strange footnote. oakland is the only team since the merger to sweep its division opponents and fail to go to the playoffs. tom cable will find out in 16 days whether al davis picked up his coaching option and brings him back for 2011. oakland trailing in the 2nd quarter and jason campbell finds chaz schilens in the back of the end zone. chiefs got back in it medd way in the 39. jamaal charles to make it 10- 10. oakland getting a big day from michael bush. bush breaks three for 26 of his 137 yards. 17-10.
12:18 am
dexter mccluster with a big armful. they get the ball to jacob ford on a verse to make it 2-10. then the add raider defense putting the cherry on top. matt cassel throws right to stand to routt. oakland's six-game sweep of the afc west is complete with the 31-10 win over the chiefs. at 8-8, cable raiders end the streak that saw them lose for seven straight seasons. is that good enough to make al davis happy? as usual, we won't know until the code of silence is broken. speculation is that davis will decide before cable and offensive coordinator jackson. under jackson the raiders offense was decided will improved. cable is 17-8 since taking over as the head coach in week 5 of 200. all season-long the nfc west has been the subject of scorn. tonight the rams played in seattle to determine whether an
12:19 am
8-8 team or 7-9 team would host the playoff game. pete carroll and the seahawks hosting the rams, who last week eliminated the 49ers. here is the only touchdown of the game. charlie whitehurst to mike williams not exactly a shining scanner, but they win, 16-6. the chargers outscored denver in the finale between two non- contending teams. >> in the 4th quarter, orange rodgers finds a very open donald lee. the only one to make the postseason. the lions finished 6-10 season with a win over minnesota. again brett favre claims end his 20-year career. stay tuned until august. >> this year did not work out the way we would have hoped, but that is football. and i don't regret coming back.
12:20 am
i enjoyed my experience here. one game, one season does not define me. there will be people saying shame he went out that way or this and that. i trawlly grateful for the opportunity. >> john fox coaching his final game for the carolina panthers. footballs finished off a long season for carolina. eric weems fielding the punt and weems is gone. they announced friday that fox and his staff would not return on friday. carolina gets the first-round pick with the 2-14 record. >> tour de france beat the saints to go 10-6, but despite the win, the bucs will not be in the playoffs. dallas finished 6-10 year with a 1-point win over playoff bound philadelphia. so here is how the playoffs
12:21 am
will go next weekend in the nfc. seattle the first 7-9 playoff team in nfl history hosts house for on saturday. the packers at philadelphia on sunday. footballs and bears both have first-round byes. and nfl regard was possible today for the indianapolis coltses who are trying to tie dallas force most consecutive playoff appearances at nine. tennessee's jeff fisher will await his fate after trying to knock off the colts today. that didn't happen. peyton manning to pierre garcon for the lead in the 3rd quarter, but this game came down to the final play. adam vinatieri fighter field goal and he is good as time expireses and colts win 22-20 and fish he will know his future after meeting with the owner bud adams. another coach, gary kubiak of the texans will meet with his owner to discuss his future. the seattleerser started
12:22 am
the season with roethlisberger suspended and ending with roethlisberger and the dominant win. 41-9 pittsburgh win. playoff bound baltimore finishes 12-4 after downing the beckals. miami the latest roadkill for the patriots as the dolphin's tony sparano now sweats his job and the jets roll over the 4-12 bill in the affects. >> non-nfl portion of sportswrap is still to come, which includes the cal-stanford basketball rivalry as pac-10 play gets started for both the women and men.
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. cal and stanford were the last two pac-10 basketball teams to play a conference game as the two rivals opened up don't against each other. students trying to return the pavilion to its rollibbing former self. gutierrez to camp and cal within had at half, but a young stanford team took control in the second half. brown to powell on the alley- oop. stanford built a 17-point lead in the sedro-woolley and this time it's bright to owens for the jam. along the baseline. jeremy green led stanford with 81 21. stanford 8-4overall.
12:27 am
the stanford women bears not going to.up much a fight. stand to put five players in double figures and cardinal wins 78-45 rout and improves to 10-2. and that will do it for this late sunday night edition of sportswrap the of the nfl regular season over, but lots to come in this part of the world. have a good week everybody. >> how soon until we have a gm decision for the 49ers? >> probably soon. i wouldn't be surprised that we have it this week. it does appear trent baalke is the front-runner. they may want to talk to some people involved in regular season play, but i think it's trent baalke's job if i have to make a guess. >> thank you, joe. be sure to joan the ktvu morning news starting at 5:00 a.m. we'll have the very latest on
12:28 am
the inaugurations of jerry brown and jean quan.
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